3-Day TriCaster Pro Line Training Certification Course


Course Overview:

In this 3-Day course, one will get hands-on experience in learning how to completely set up and operate the TriCaster. The essentials course is designed to mirror the workflow of a live production so that attendees feel comfortable and self-assured while navigating the TriCaster, thus giving them the tools they need to become a Certified TriCaster Operator.

Attendees will start off hooking and configuring TriCaster, and then will venture into learning the steps to maximize the feature set of operation.  Virtual Sets, control surface, live switching, video scopes, media management, and additional “essentials” are covered in this course. Complete details of the course are listed in the outline below.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone whose goal it is to become a Certified TriCaster Operator should absolutely attend this course. This course has proven to leave attendees feeling confident that the TriCaster is under their control.  The 3-Day TriCaster Pro Line Training Certification course is applicable for the TriCaster ProLine, TriCaster Mini, 410, 460, 860, and 8000.


The cost of the course is $2,195, and includes the cost of the certification exam.  Lodging, transportation, and meals are not included.

Training Course Length & Time:

This is a consecutive 3-day course lasting from 9:30 to 4:00pm with one hour included for lunch. Lunch is typically from noon to 1pm. Attendees provide their own lunch.


This course is designed to help you pass the certification exam.  The cost of the exam is included in the registration fee. Click here to learn more about the certification exam.

Course Outline:

Day 1

Lesson 1: General Video Knowledge

Lesson 2: Software Setup and Configuration

Lesson 3: Working with Sessions

Lesson 4: Media Import and Export

Lesson 5: Networking and Web Streaming

Day 2

Lesson 6: Live Operation

Lesson 7: Using Media Players

Lesson 8: Virtual Inputs

Lesson 9: Live Sets

Lesson 10: Working with Audio

Day 3

Lesson 11: Animation Store Creator

Lesson 12: Virtual Set Editor

Lesson 13: Creating Custom Virtual Sets

Lesson 14: Holographic Virtual Sets

Lesson 15: General Workflow Enhancements

Faraz Ahmed - Instructor

F_Ahmed_onlineFaraz Ahmed is an EMMY Award winning technical director, workflow consultant, and broadcast trainer who has been working with NewTek products for over for a decade. His strength comes from teaching workflows - not just basic product knowledge. Faraz has worked as a consultant around the world including: Bermuda, Belgrade, Dubai, Karachi, and all across the United States. Faraz’s training certifications include: NewTek Certified TriCaster Operator, Final Cut Pro Certified Instructor & Adobe Certified Instructor. His clients include: NBA TV, WNBA, IBM, International Media Consultants, Turner Broadcasting and more.

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